Creating a Positive and Engaged Team for the Future…. in 3 Steps.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Let’s skip the “we are in unprecedented times” and “this is a challenging market” and focus on the future.

Changes to structures are inevitable and well underway. That makes sense, to ensure that teams are “right” sized for the market conditions in 2021 and beyond.

However, following this period of change and transition what is less clear is how companies will create a positive and engaged team for the future?

What steps do companies need to put in place?

From my experience and conversations with others I would suggest focusing on 3 areas.  

1.     Professionally manage the process of change

This should be straightforward. There is legislation in place and policies for companies to follow. For some it will be more complex as employees may be furloughed and there may be large numbers of people involved. So, clearly communicate, have robust and fair selection criteria and follow reasonable timescales and consultation procedures.

It’s important to manage this process professionally as the team that remain will remember how they were treated. They will also speak with those that leave and hear any positive or negative reactions and comments.

2.     Support redundant employees

Not only is this the right thing to do, it will also send a positive message through the entire organisation. That you are a company that values its people. Investing in supporting their transition, helping with the essentials like their CV, looking for a job and preparing for interviews. This will go a long way to ensuring that people leave on a positive note and also demonstrating your values to the team that remain.

3.     Engage with the team that remain

Your business needs to continue and thrive but so much will have changed. The team that remain will be the driving force behind your future growth. They may have different roles or added responsibilities and they will need to be fully engaged and motivated.

This will be an unsettling time and they will want to know that you value them and their contribution. Invest in a positive plan to ensure that each person understands that they are part of your plans and have a long-term future in a progressive environment.

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