Preparing a Positive Career Plan

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Before you’re tempted to apply for jobs and “spray and pray” your CV – stop, think and prepare a positive plan.  

Planning and preparation are vital ingredients of success. Elite athletes prepare and train for months or even years to ensure that they are ready to succeed at the most important moment. In your career to date I’m sure that you need to be well organised and plan your day and week to achieve your objectives and targets.

A career action plan also needs a high-level of preparation and a positive plan. There clearly needs to be flexibility so you can react to situations which arise. But setting out on your journey to find your next career move will be so much easier with a plan in place.

From your thinking and reflections, you’re now clear now about your four key strengths and the four things most important to you in your next company and role. You have also invested time in creating your CV and LinkedIn profile.

However, your plan now needs to be broken down into manageable chunks and your actions and activities recorded along the way. Such as which jobs have you applied for, which companies and recruitment consultants have you contacted and which people have you networked with? This will prove to be an important record of success and progress and also a tool to motivate you through what can be a challenging time. Also importantly, this will help you to take ownership of your career plan.

It’s tempting just to get on-line, start applying for jobs and “spray and pray” your CV. But wait, press the pause button and think about the best way for you to plan and to record your progress. How will you prioritise? What will be your daily, weekly tasks and job-hunting routine?

It’s true that “looking for a full-time job is a full-time job” so ensure that you give this the time it deserves. Commit to tasks, block out time in your calendar, think about your plan and your small achievable goals. It is important to consider all of the elements you need to plan for and prioritise them in the right order. A lot of people use Excel, Project or some other planning software. Whatever works for you, it is vital is that you have a plan with realistic objectives.

Devote regular time to it and treat this with the importance it deserves. It’s often said that you spend more time at work than anywhere else.

With the right planning and investment of time you’ll soon be well equipped to apply for jobs.

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