6 Steps to Getting the Right Role

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6 Steps to Getting the Right Role.

Now that you are settling back to work after Easter..…….. you may be thinking is it time for change.

Here are some thoughts.

  1. Reflect on what is causing you to think?
    • Is it your company, your role, your boss?
    • Do you just need a change and to feel energised?
    • Are you feeling valued in your current role and fairly paid?
    • How can you change the things that are wrong?
    • Do you need to “knuckle down” and get on with it?
    • Or have you reached the end of the road?
  2. Should you stay and make things better?
    • Think, think and think……..
    • Joining a new company is a big decision
    • Will the grass necessarily be greener?
    • Maybe you are in the right company but in the wrong job or reporting to a bad manager?
    • Can you stay where you are and find a new challenge?
  3. If you decide to leave - Be decisive and leave
    • Get your CV up to date
    • Think about your achievements and what you will offer a new employer
    • Commit to a plan and invest the time to make it happen
  4. Be Strategic in your Job Search
    • Don’t just scattergun your CV around.
    • Carefully read job adverts and apply for jobs which “talk” to you.
    • Not all jobs are advertised so go back to recruiters and previous managers you trust
    • Be clear about what you have to offer and what you want
  5. Land the right role and negotiate a great deal
    • Showcase your talents and impress everyone through the recruitment process
    • Communicate and reinforce your achievements and how they will benefit the company
    • Set out your ideal salary and benefit requirements – be ready to negotiate a great deal
    • When selecting your next role, go with your gut-feeling - it won’t let you down
  6. When you’re offered the right role – be decisive and take it
    • Don’t look back. Think about point 1 above!!!

Good luck



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