Is this the time for action?

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Is this the time for action?


Well here we are in January – the time to start a-new and exchange ideas about the changes we want to make in our lives. Park runs, 5:2 diets, 15 minutes workouts, fresh air and de-cluttering – all hot topics for 2019. But, I think the prize for stealing the lifestyle headlines has to go to veganism, along with Greggs and their vegan sausage roll.

But while the idea of giving things up dominates our conversation, how do we turn that into real change. In short, how do we turn a time for talking into the time for action?

Small steps might help. Take for example, your job and your career. Are you happy or do you need to make some changes? Are there small steps you could take to help make a difference to your career?

Here are 5 tips to get you started in the search for a new job.

Review your contacts

If you’re on LinkedIn then it is likely you already have lots of contacts. Maybe now is the time to send them a New Year message? If you don’t have as many contacts as you should then go through your e-mails and business cards and make those connections now.

Brush up your profile

Before applying for jobs it is a good idea to get your ducks in a row. Don’t apply for a job in a hurry and then let a prospective employer discover your half-filled in profiles and out of date photos. Review all your job site and social media profiles and check for the following:

  • Is your picture flattering?
  • Does your biography sell your skills?
  • Are you using the keywords employers might be searching for? Think about the skills FMCG employers want today and make sure those words appear in your CV and bio.

Get out from under that cloud!

Resolving to be less stressed might seem like an impossible task but new employers are more likely to be drawn to candidates who come across as excited by life. So put on a smile and get inspired by the new possibilities out there.

Look around you

A difficult job or stressful situation can prevent you from seeing the whole picture. Try to take a step back and re-appraise where you’re at – you could even research your career path anew – things may have changed. Perhaps you need new skills or maybe this particular role no longer suits you. What would you like to do instead?

Face to face

It seems that everything is done by e-mail these days – with online job applications and even on-line tests taking us a long way along the recruitment journey before we ever meet a person in real life. But face to face connections are really powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated. You can make strong connections face to face and a coffee with the right person could lead to far more than an easily deleted e-mail.

On that note, if you would like to talk to a recruiter then get in touch and we can arrange to meet up. Taking these small steps could be the start of something big!

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