6 Steps to Finding the Right Job for you

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It has never been easier to find a job. Think websites, job boards, LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, e-mail alerts - not to mention directly on company websites. Earlier this year Google also got in on the act with Google for Jobs (next time you’re on Google check it out!!)

Jobs seem to be everywhere, with a couple of clicks you’ve uploaded your CV and then all you have to do is sit back and wait. Isn’t it?

While it may be easier than ever to find a job – it’s still hard to find the right job. So even in our connected world - here are 6 steps to help you.

  1. Take a Look at Yourself

    Evaluate your experience and skills before making your next move. What are your strengths and weaknesses and where would you like to develop? Do a complete audit and don’t be too easy on yourself – it’s a competitive world.   

  2. Do Some Research

    Time to get browsing - find out what is really going on in your sector as things may have moved on since you last looked around. Strong industry knowledge and an understanding of where things are heading will help you at interview.

  3. Get the best possible help

    Talk to an experienced recruitment specialist. They will have current information about market and salary trends and access to a selection of jobs, some of which may not have been posted online. They can help guide you through every stage in the recruitment process and really increase your chance of getting the right job. If they don’t think you are suited to the role, they won’t put you forward – simple as that. Could you be that honest with yourself?

  4. Get Digital

    Use the revolution in digital recruitment to your advantage. Join LinkedIn Groups and industry communities, sign up for job alerts and gain access to all the roles as they become available.

  5. Make Connections

    Give yourself an advantage over others with a similar background and experience by utilising all your connections. Use LinkedIn efficiently and ruthlessly! Where possible meet people for coffee and a chat – these conversations can often lead to unexpected opportunities.

  6. Company Culture

Company culture is often overlooked when job hunting. You may like the look of a job but the hours, location or ethos may not suit you at all. Think about what is important to you before you apply and check them out to see if there is a fit.

Finally don’t forget the importance of finding a partner you can trust. At this time you’ll need good honest advice and someone who will put you through your paces – all in all someone to support you through what can be a tough process. So, if it’s not just any job you want but the right job then it is worth putting in the effort to get it right.

If you would like some advice or know more about the career opportunities and jobs which are available to you – get in touch.

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