Get Fit For 2018

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So Christmas is well and truly over. The decorations are down and the last few chocolates and mince pies are gone. It’s back to work and all that entails; getting up in the dark for the early morning commute.

And so naturally our thoughts turn to fresh starts and the “get fit” plan for 2018. Will it be Jamie Oliver, Joe Wicks or Davina McCall? Even DJ Khaled is evangelising about physical health, wellbeing and fitness. Gyms up and down the country are rammed with wannabees in lycra, testing themselves on the cross trainer or signing up to Jazzercise.

But it's not all about physical health - there's an important place for mental health as well, with more and more workplaces putting an emphasis on both the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. 

What steps are you taking to look after your psychological wellbeing?

This is a tough time of year. We tend to overspend and have time to reflect on life, personal relationships and how happy we are at work and with our careers.

Did you see this inspirational Facebook post from Holly Butcher from Australia? These are the last thoughts of an amazingly brave woman - it's humbling to read but a wake up call as well.   

Maybe it’s time to pause for thought and take a mental health check. What are the top 5 priorities in your life? How happy are you? Are you in the right company and job?

This is a great time to address the flab and trim some pounds – but also to ask what’s really important in your life and to get yourself mentally fit for 2018

If that means changing roles or you just want some careers advice…..I’d love to help.



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