How to get the best from your next job move

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Millennials love to switch jobs! Unattached to organizations and institutions, job seekers, born between 1980 and 1996, are said to move more freely from company to company than any other generation.

The data supports this. Gallup found 21% of millennials had changed jobs in the past year, and only half plan to be working at their company one year from now. That’s a lot of talented people either actively hunting for or happy to consider new positions. In fact 60% of millennials say they would be open to a new job opportunity if the right one came along.

But Millennials are not willing to settle for second best! They want :-

  • A company that treats you as an individual and is prepared to conduct a dialogue with you, building relationships and offering a hiring experience that doesn’t just look at your skills, but also at your needs and aspirations.
  • Benefits, perks, and other advantages, not just salary and rank, are hugely important, as are professional development, opportunities for advancement and a company’s corporate social responsibility strategy and ethics.
  • Company culture is vital and any organisation hoping to attract you needs to emphasise training, mentorship and team culture as important selling points.
  • You approach a job like any major purchasing decision and respond well when companies use their own communication channels to sell you their story.
  • With more than one billion employees predicted to be using smartphones by 2018, the opportunity for social connection is huge, as well as highly relevant.

The good news is that most companies are getting much better at providing many of the things that millennials want, but if there is something that’s a particular deal breaker then your recruiter can help you to find out more.

With business landscapes evolving at the fastest pace since the industrial revolution, employers cannot afford to wait any longer before change starts to happen and we can all benefit - whichever buzz generation we belong to!

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