Why you should keep control of your promiscuous digit

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So you’re fired up to find a new job and make some advances in your career. You know you have the skills that will take you to the next level and you’re keen to capitalise on the improving jobs market.

All good news, but it’s important to be smart about the way you proceed, starting with the jobs you decide to apply for.

At this time of year many people fall victim to the promiscuous digit – a term both coined and explained in this excellent blog by Keith Robinson.

Essentially, he says, we are so used to clicking a mouse to browse and buy online that the habits we’ve adopted on the leisure side of our lives have spilled over into the way we apply for jobs.

The explosion of good quality job boards and recruiter websites makes it too easy to apply for jobs – firing off CVs at the touch of a button from the comfort of your armchair. The ease and convenience of the process has made us promiscuous. The end result is that we are not discerning enough and don’t consider or research the roles properly.

This has a doubly adverse effect. Not only do we end up applying for the wrong kinds of jobs, sending off applications for roles in the wrong part of the country or at the wrong salary – we then clog up the recruiter’s in-box with spam applications that don’t fit the criteria. The result could be that your application doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

So make sure that when you apply you apply mindfully. Filter down your long list to the jobs you really want, compare your skills and experience to each application and include a personalised note. Hold back the promiscuous digit and give yourself the chance at success you really deserve.

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