5 FMCG Challenges for 2017

Posted on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 by Phil Hutchinson-May4 comments

FMCG, like most industries, was dominated last year by Brexit and so long as the government continues to play its cards close to its chest we’re going to have to live with uncertainty for a while longer.

But we can also look forward to plenty of opportunities (as well as challenges) in the year ahead – so we’ve pulled together some thoughts from the experts about what might happen in FMCG in 2017.

  1.     The type of Brexit matters – The implications of Brexit will be felt by everyone in the business of selling fast moving consumer goods. Therefore I for one will be looking out keenly to see what kind of a deal we can get.
  2.     Big multi nationals, wary of the future, will be considering and potentially consolidating their positions. This could mean less investment and innovation than before, fewer risks taken and some smaller lines or brands disappearing altogether.
  3.     End of falling prices. Everyone is facing this challenge in 2017: The question is, how do we acclimatise retailers and consumers to rising prices without losing their loyalty?
  4.     Meeting the government’s obesity targets may well mean more changes in the way these goods are priced and promoted. You have been warned!
  5.     Anyone already in the healthy and free-from area will do well in 2017 – it is though highly congested and competitive so those looking in this direction for the first time may struggle.  .  

If you would like to talk to a recruiter about jobs in FMCG then please get in touch - e-mail me here phil@fmcgcentral.co.uk  and let's talk.

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4 comments on "5 FMCG Challenges for 2017"

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