The experience to add value and deliver results

Finding the right people, motivating your team and creating a winning culture are vital ingredients for success. Without the right people in the competitive FMCG sector you’ll face huge challenges.

If you’re thinking about the calibre of your team or have a vacancy, Phil would love to hear from you. With over 25 years’ experience he has recruited for a variety of companies from emerging businesses such as innocent, Little Dish and Mrs Crimbles to the biggest multinationals. He loves to take a personal involvement and invest time with the senior team to think through the opportunities and put a plan in place.

It’s becoming more and more challenging to recruit high calibre people. You’ll need a tailored approach and a strategy that attracts the right people. It may be that Phil can reach candidates from his network or tempt them with a compelling advertisement. However, for the real gems a more focussed strategy to networking and search could be required.

Whatever your situation, Phil would love to talk with you. He’d love to hear your thoughts and suggest a recruitment plan and next steps which make it easy for you.