Career Advice

At FMCG Central we recognise that your career is important to you and that changing jobs is one of the most daunting decisions you’ll face. Our time at work is one of the most important aspects of our lives and if things are not right it can be a cause of stress and anxiety. But changing roles may not be as easy as people think particularly if you haven’t changed roles for some time.

Questions may spring to mind like - Is it the time to move? What skills and experience are employers looking for? How should I write and format my CV? What do employers expect from an interview? What if I resign and my employer counter offers and wants me to stay?

The good news is that we have encountered all of these questions and more - and on more than one occasion. This may be the first time for you but it’s not the first time for us. Feel free to get in touch with an email if you would like some help or straight talking advice.

Or look at our blog or some of the news articles – they may help.

Whatever your next step – good luck and it would be great if we can work with you